Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Congress on the Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006

As one listens to the debate in the floor of the House of Representatives, you can imagine that soon Congress will consider legislation to station FBI and ATF agents in our schools to stop the threat of guns and drugs.

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1 comment:

800 pound gorilla said...

Yeah, right! And how good is our government at keeping banned drugs out of prisons? They don't even try to keep out smoked nicotine - endangering the health and lives of nonsmoking inmates and guards, not to mention professionals, with second hand smoke carcinogens. Now they plan on keeping out guns and drugs?

Do we want our schools turned into prisons? Are we assured by the success of our prisons in protecting our inmates from "dangerous drugs"? If you believe the government's account, keeping firearms out of airplanes did nothing to prevent the suicide hijackings that occurred on 9/11. How will they stop school violence?