Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summoning Satan?

"Try Legal Weed," say the bottle caps on a beer from a microbrewery in Weed, CA.
The Feds want that stopped.

The Government keeps reminding us that their view of drugs has all the rationality of the fear of witches in Massachusetts Bay Colony as the Puritans were being challenged by Quakers, Jews, Unitarians, free thinkers and the like.

They are in a panic over what are essentially "magic words."

Federal anti-drug agents have more in common with a cult than public servants of a 21st century democracy.

They react as though these words are a black magic incantation summoning Satan to despoil the maidens of Seventeenth century Salem.

"Drug references" on beer bottles. Oh my God! Literally, stop the presses.

To paraphrase one of Timothy Leary's apocryphal statements, "Marijuana is so potent and dangerous, it causes delirium in those who haven't even tried it!"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the Leary quote was something like LSD or psychedelics cause psychosis etc etc... (those who haven't used)