Friday, December 19, 2008

Tell the story of the reality of drugs

The Reality of Drugs

Telling the story of how drugs and trying to control them is affecting
societies all over the world.
• We want your views and to tell your stories about how drugs and trying
to control them is affecting the world around you.
• We want you to spell out the issues and get the opinions of those
• We want you to communicate the harm the current approach to drug
control is doing.

You can do this through:
• Telling your own story
• Interviewing somebody
• Documenting an issue in the world around you

You can do this with:
• Video
• Pictures
• Sound
• Text

We can help you edit and translate the material you produce.
Above all we want you to get involved and become a part of the campaign.

Anybody wishing to get involved should contact:
Rupert George
Tel: +44 20 77494044
Skype: Rupert.George

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept. Will submissions be anonymous?

I'm wondering how this project will show a different reality than that portrayed in mainstream fiction/TV/series today, as weed culture has become something of a cultural phenomenon with a good market.

Wicked blog btw.