Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sex trafficking in America -- A legal system's failures. And victims revictimized by untrained law enforcement officers.

Laura Bauer, writing for the Kansas City Star, has an excellent series of stories about sex trafficking in America. In the first, it is noted that untrained local police can't distinguish a sex trafficking victim from a prostitute.

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ChristMotForbud said...

I haven't read that series and don't have the time to right now, but I wanted to add that it seems they are victimized in another manner which is not mentioned in your description.

Their abductors who force them into prostitution also work to make them addicted to various drugs. This is horrible for many reasons, but we know that this is just one more thing held over their heads to keep them from going to the authorities for help.

If drugs were legal (and they knew it), they could escape their captors and not worry about 1) where their next fix is coming from since they could get it legally 2) being maltreated for being a drug user.