Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fighting marijuana prohibition as a Christian imperative

James Clark argues very persuasively at Huffington Post that a Christian should be in the fight against marijuana prohibition.

The back story is that when the NAACP endorsed Proposition 19 on June 28, some African-American pastors attacked the NAACP state conference president. The pastors said nothing about the faith basis for their opposition.

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ChristMotForbud said...

The pastors said nothing about the faith basis for their opposition.
You're right for pointing this out. There is none!

As I have proven over and over and over at the only thing to stand behind is ending the Drug War, ending prohibition.

I have begged, cajoled, teased, pleaded, prodded, shouted, railed, and breathed fire! The gamut! There is something for everyone, no matter what stage of readiness they are in ending the Drug War. Essays for the novice, the scared, the entrenched.

I have quoted God, Jesus, Paul, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, with many more to come.

I have a flyer (needs a minor update) that shows quotes (prophecy) from John the B. and Jesus and proves the Drug War is a tree that bears no good fruit.

There is a section which is based solely on quotes from the Bible:

The rest of the writings are a grab bag; some essays are totally religious, others have bits of scripture mixed in, some draw entirely from my experience as an educator and have NO scriptural references.

What denomination am I? I don't consider myself beholden to any one specific denomination. I grew up Methodist, but I have some Shaker inclinations, yes some Quaker, Amish, and other Protestant inclinations. But mostly I believe that "iron sharpens iron" so conversation is one of the best ways to help and be helped.

I believe that as long as humans are ruling over other humans here on earth, we need to be vigilant to not let religious ideologies become forced in to law so they can be forced on others. And that includes ALL religions, not just Christianity.