Friday, March 09, 2012

NYPD -- arrest innocent people to boost arrest rates; ignore real crimes to depress crime rates

The Village Voice newspaper (of New York City) reports today on a secret internal NYPD study that verifies the claims of former Officer Adrian Schoolcraft about command direction in a Bedford-Stuyvesant precinct to make bogus arrests and ignore real crimes, previously reported in a 5-part series in The Village Voice. Schoolcraft knew this was wrong and illegal and refused to go along. He was ostracized by the department.

In October 31, 2009, top officials of the NYPD broke into Schoolcraft's apartment and forcibly took him to a hospital to fraudulently build a case that he was mentally ill.

After The Village Voice reported this story, the Commissioner ordered an internal investigation. The result of that investigation was suppressed and kept secret for almost two years.

Listen to the 41 minute story about his case on This American Life public radio program. It is a stunning indictment of command mismanagement at NYPD.

Schoolcraft and his attorney have established a website encouraging officers to report command misconduct, etc.

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