Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Execute drug users, says government reporter for GA newspaper

Justin Boron, the government reporter for the Clayton News-Daily, Jonesboro, GA, in the context of praising the FDA medical marijuana announcement, endorses the execution of drug users. (Clayton County, population of 267,000 in 2004, is now less than 25 percent white, is a rapidly growing suburb of Atlanta, GA. Jonesboro is about 15 miles from downtown Atlanta. In 2000, the county was about 40 percent white, and the population was only 236,000 (182,000 in 1990).)

Boron writes about the critical problems society faces that require, in his view, that drug users be executed,

If I were dictator of this country, I would not only outlaw drug users and addicts, but I would execute them as well, so they don't needlessly overcrowd jails. In the case of juveniles and marginal offenders that don't necessarily deserve death, I would banish them to an island. Like on the television show "Lost," they would live there under the loose supervision of some shadow administration. But they would basically be on their own to survive.

Then, the world's drug-free population would get some badly needed relief on the freeway. We wouldn't have to deal with the slow and oblivious, impaired drivers.

Time spent on trips to the gas station would be knocked down to nothing now that we wouldn't have to wait in line while some somnambulant marijuana smoker searches for change in his pocket.
These last comments sound satirical in Jonathan Swift-sense, but read in the context of the entire column, they seemed quite serious to me. Maybe executing drug users is a subject that I find hard to find funny.

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