Friday, April 10, 2009

American Violet opens next week!

As I noted last month, American Violet opens next week! This is a dramatic rendering of the Hearn, TX drug cases, focusing on the compelling character of Dee Roberts, a single mother of four who fights back and pleads not guilty. The movie is produced by Tim Disney, grandnephew of Walt Disney.

The Hearn cases -- 27 arrests! -- are part of the pattern that became well known after the numerous arrests, prosecutions, and incomprehensibly long sentences imposed in Tulia, TX. American Violet tells this story powerfully. Find it, see it, and share your reaction with friends and colleagues.

Variety said this about the star, Nicole Beharie:

Dee is an engaging, admirable lead character, and the striking, petite Beharie, in only her second screen role, is a real winner, bringing energy and fortitude to a woman who easily could have joined the ranks of society's victims and losers. Bright things lie ahead for this charismatic thesp.

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