Friday, April 17, 2009

Some in Mexico's Congress consider legalization of marijuana as Obama arrives

The New York Daily News reported the AP story that the Mexican Congress is studying the legalization of marijuana. This is an exaggeration; the Mexican Congress does not have an actual proposal that they are debating.

This three-day inquiry is sponsored by the Social Democrat Party (PSD). It is analogous to a congressional caucus "hearing" in the U.S. which is not the official business of the Congress, but is organized by Members of Congress and may be held in a congressional building.

Phil Smith, writing in Drug War Chronicle -- as usual -- provides a more thorough description of the proceedings than any other writer in English does.

The Drug Policy Alliance is asking people to email President Obama, who has just left Mexico, that ending marijuana prohibition is no joke.

This is the letter that I sent:
Dear Mr. President:
On March 26, 2009, at your town hall forum, you dismissed the prominent question about ending the prohibition of marijuana with a joke. I did not vote in the Internet poll regarding the questions, but I was offended at your mocking of those who did. I gave your candidacy over $xxx, and racked up another $xxx in personal cell phone overcharges calling voters in Virginia.

From the perspective of Mexico, I am sure you'll agree there's nothing funny about the price they and we are paying for marijuana prohibition.

Eighty years ago was the St. Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago. A few uncorrupt Treasury agents were finally found, and they successfully prosecuted Al Capone. But his incarceration in 1931 did not stop the alcohol, the violence or the corruption. That ended when we ended alcohol prohibition in 1933. The drug war makes drug traffickers rich while destroying hundreds of thousands of lives -- cops and mayors killed in Mexico; cops killed in the U.S.; poisonings and overdose deaths, and HIV infections; and hundreds of thousands of prisoners.

Please stop ignoring this issue -- it's time for an open and honest debate about ending marijuana prohibition. America will end marijuana prohibition. Are you going to join those political cowards who are afraid of history and logic?
Eric E. Sterling

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