Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Compare the evils

Dan Gardner, the exquisite columnist at the Ottawa Citizen, writes about the extradition of Marc Emery, the Vancouver cannabis visionary and seed entrepreneur, to the United States for a five year prison term. Why did the Canadian government -- which tolerated his flagrant downtown seed business -- do this? Just what evil are they fighting?

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ChristMotForbud said...

Just what evil are they fighting?

Well, in terms of the U.S., not necessarily Canada, to which your question is directed, the sheer embarrassment of proof positive coming down the pike which proves they're wrong. The light has dawned over the Atlantic and that statistics are in.

I am reminded of a story I heard which took place in Salem, MA, a long time ago.

It was believed that witches could not say the whole "Lord's Prayer." In one instance, those accused of being witches stood on barrels with nooses around their necks, knowing what was coming next.

So at least one of them did what came naturally: PRAY! Since the accusers were close by, one could hear the prayer, it was the Lord's Prayer. But before the accused could finish the prayer, the accuser kicked the barrel out from underneath the supposed witch.

Same thing. People have built up their day-dreams of what is true and what isn't. Those with truth on their side are not afraid of conversation, bringing things into the light; as it says in Proverbs, ~ just like iron sharpens iron, so two people can sharpen each other.

But tyrants, dictators, etc… have a LONG history of suppression, oppression, jailing, and executing people who are not "yes men."

- Drew

nina said...

Speaking of extradition... US request leads to state of emergency in Jamaica