Monday, May 24, 2010

Corpus Christi Police make one of the biggest pot sweeps in the city's history

Drug War Rant picked up the story of the Corpus Christi Police Department efforts to eradicate a large marijuana plantation in a city park. After 300 to 400 plants were pulled up, with an incalculable street value, the police finally figured out that the plants were . . .not marijuana. Good thing they didn't send the SWAT team in.

Can you imagine how good these officers are in determining whether genuine marijuana is in "plain view" in a traffic stop? What kind of testimony do they provide in search warrant affidavits to establish probable cause for a search?
Can you imagine how often their undercover officers are burned by purchasing catnip or oregano on the street? No wonder they need to make it a crime to sell counterfeit controlled substances when the cops can't tell the weeds from "weed."

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