Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama again ducks questions on marijuana from American Internet public

Once again the President invites the public to submit questions to him and vote on the most urgent or important ones for him to answer in a live YouTube interview. Once again questions regarding marijuana legalization, the costs of marijuana prisoners, the use of marijuana in medicine, hemp, marijuana and taxes, marijuana and the economy, etc. received far more votes than any other topic. This question from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition was the second highest vote getter.
And once again the President's handlers make sure that the questions are not asked! Indeed, the White House deleted a question from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Open White House? Pathetic!

John McWorter at the New York Daily News blasts Google and YouTube for not asking about marijuana, noting that New York City Police are making over 50,000 marijuana arrests per year -- even though marijuana possession was decriminalized as a violation with a maximum $100 fine in 1977.

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ned said...

They have no answer. No generally politically safe response. The right answer is on the wrong side of conventionally/traditionally safe. The wrong answer is an insult to everyones intelligence. Almost no other topic could create such intense discomfort, even abortion or gay marriage. They see the embarrassment of ignoring the question as the least bad harm.

Too bad they aren't capable of seeing the least bad marijuana policy.

MDMA said...

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