Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Democrats worried about medical marijuana? Pelosi's statement first in 7 years; new MPP Poll; OR AG race

A survey by the Mason-Dixon polling organization, commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), found overwhelming and across the board rejection of the Obama Justice Department's attack upon state medical marijuana programs. Every demographic -- Independents, Republicans, Democrats, senior citizens, parents, young voters, white, black and Hispanic -- overwhelmingly support state medical marijuana programs

On May 2, 2012, the Democratic Party's biggest fundraiser, Nancy Pelosi, issued a statement criticizing the Justice Department policy on medical marijuana. This was her first official statement in SEVEN years on medical marijuana. It is clear that she sees an urgency about this issue that has not existed for Democrats before.

On May 15, the results of the Oregon Democratic Primary for Attorney General resulted in the victory of Ellen Rosenblum, the candidate supporting medical marijuana, getting 64 percent of the vote over the prosecutor who condemned medical marijuana.

This is a significant issue for most Americans! Millions of Americans have cancer. Millions more think every persistent pain may be cancer. But Mitt Romney rebuffed a question from a Denver TV reporter on medical marijuana as not an "issue of significance" in a recent interview on the CBS affiliate.

Medical marijuana is sure an "issue of significance" to a New York state judge who revealed on the op-ed page of The New York Times on May 17 that he is using marijuana to fight his life threatening pancreatic cancer -- in violation of the law.

This is an "issue of significance" and Obama is not demonstrating the political skills that enabled him to outmaneuver Hilary Clinton in 2008.

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1 comment:

Bob Newland said...

It is difficult to comment on the Obama administration's duplicity and scurrility with regard to medical cannabis without resorting to vulgar characterization. Suffice it to say that Obama deserves to lose (and just might) as a result of what his "justice" department has done. I shall vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee.