Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr. President: Free Clarence Aaron

Dafna Linzer of ProPublica has another bomb-shell investigative report on the front page of The Washington Post, May 14, 2012, headlined: "Inmate still in prison after facts kept from Bush team."
Records reviewed by Linzer reveal that the Pardon Attorney, Ronald Rogers, "left out critical information" in recommending to the Bush White House that Clarence Aaron should not receive a commutation of sentence.

Clarence Aaron turned 43-years old on May 9, 2012. At age 24 he had been sentenced to three terms of life imprisonment for his role in a crack cocaine transaction. His story was first made public in 1999 in the award-winning documentary by film maker Ofra Bikel -- "Snitch" on PBS Frontline.

The article reports that a Bush White House counsel, Kenneth Lee, "was aghast when ProPublica provided him with original statements from the judge and prosecutor to compare with [pardon attorney] Rodgers' summary [of their statements that were furnished to the White House]. Had he read the statements at the time, Lee said, he would have urged Bush to commute Aaron's sentence."

President Obama should order Clarence Aaron's sentence commuted this week.

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