Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kumar's Plan to kick it in Charlotte

Thinking about your call the other night. Yes, we've got to get this right.
If you really have the fire for America that Clinton says you have, then show everybody else that fire. Let's fire one up and get down and party with young America and show off you and the future everybody is talking about.

The Bank of America Stadium is free. Let's have a free concert Saturday night. (Definitely not exclusive to delegates and credentialed guests, but for them drinks are on the house!)

Invite the dopest young Americans -- everybody from software wranglers, game champions, skateboard gymnasts, athletes of every kind, writers, singers, poets, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, lot of drummers, scientists, Burners, actors and actresses, models, deal makers, great students of all kinds! (writers -- give me some better lines) Play up the wonderfulness of youth and the future we want to give them!

Stage a big free alternative rally rockin' rave for Obama in the the Bank of America Stadium on Saturday.


Issue an Executive Order guaranteeing that no one will be arrested bringing pot, shrooms, XTC or Acid into the stadium, but if anyone is deliberately passing out bad stuff they will go to jail!!

No ticket required! Then give a triumphant speech to the most wildly cheering young people!

Have them all posting photos of you and them on Facebook partyyyying on!

Dude, isn't this savage!
Just get the details right like enough porta-potties, water, and shade. Yes allows tents and canopies on the field.

Encourage make up. Big Prizes to the best Obama tattoos.

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1 comment:

beth curtis said...

Brilliant - Obama's policies have become a cruel irony.