Saturday, May 27, 2006

Carlos Gaviria: Main Challenger in Colombia's Presidential Election Sunday favors "legalising drugs"

Carlos Gaviria, the main challenger to Colombia President Alvaro Uribe's run for re-election on Sunday, has told reporters, according to Agence France Press (AFP), that he favors legalising drugs.

Gaviria says he would like to legalise drugs but it would not be possible, as it would turn the South American country into an international pariah.

"I'm in favour of legalising drugs, but I'm also aware that a government cannot do this," said Gaviria, 69, who as a judge in the 1990s had helped pass legislation legalising possession of drugs for personal use.

Gaviria is only polling about 21% compared to Uribe's 57.5%.

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