Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Karen Tandy profile in Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle has a series, "Texans in Washington," that recently profiled DEA Administrator Karen Tandy.

It's quite the puff piece, beginning with Ms. Tandy as a concerned mother desiring to protect kids. But Christopher Largen noted in a post to the ARO list that Tandy described her mission at DEA in more lucrative terms,

"When I came through the door, I made money the No. 1 priority," she said.

The amount of money the DEA seized each year has more than quadrupled, to $1.9 billion last year, making the DEA the rare federal agency that nearly pays for itself, she joked.

Largen noted the inherent conflict of interest -- if DEA measures itself on its ability to finance itself from asset forfeitures, it has no real incentive to put drug traffickers out of business.

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